Financial peace of mind for freelancers

Maverick helps you save, budget, and crush your income goals as an independent creator

What can Maverick help you do?

Save hundreds of dollars on taxes

Easily track your expenses so you can maximize your refund come tax time.  The average Maverick user saves over $800 per year on taxes.

Set, track, and achieve income goals

How much do you need to make this month to afford that new car?  What if work dries up for a couple of months?  Maverick helps you set goals and keeps you on track.

Understand your full financial picture

View all your accounts in one place, so you know exactly how much money you have at any point in time.

Easily pay quarterly estimated taxes

Avoid end-of-year fees by paying the IRS every quarter.  Maverick helps you set aside money for taxes and pay seamlessly.

Talk to a real person for financial guidance

Unsure how much you should be saving for a rainy day?  Need help understanding how to set a budget?  Chat with one of our financial experts for help.

Get the help you need with your freelance finances