Maverick Banking

Financial peace of mind for freelancers

Maverick is a bank account that handles your taxes and gives you visibility into your finances, so you can focus on your freelancing

Benefits of banking with Maverick

Automated tax withholding

Forget having to manually calculate and set aside money for taxes. With every paycheck you receive, we'll set aside the right amount for you.

Seamless quarterly estimated payments 

Have complete peace of mind when it comes to filing quarterly estimated payments. We'll tell you when it's time to file and let you pay with one click

Painless tax deductions

Stop manually sifting through your transactions to look for deductions. Maverick finds your deductions automatically.

FDIC-insured bank accounts

Open FDIC insured bank accounts right from your laptop or phone. Put your money to work with high yield savings accounts.

Credit and debit cards built for freelancers

Get rewards for the categories you spend the most on as a freelancer. Requirements for full time pay stubs and unrealistically high credit scores are a thing of the past!

Integrated invoicing and payments

Forget paying for another tool to handle invoicing and payments.  With Maverick, you can manage it all in one place.


No fee banking

Manage your freelance finances without worrying about minimum balances, service charges, or hidden fees.

Minimum deposit
Account opening
Monthly fees
Transaction fees
ACH transfers

Find peace of mind for your freelance finances